Six people, smiling, standing shoulder to shoulder at a CJOC meetup.

CJOC's mission is to create a supportive community and safe environment for us to talk about whatever — whether that's working through story ideas, sharing links to resources, posting job opportunities, offering mentorship to younger journos or just kvetching about the industry. We also encourage members to co-create and collaborate with us. This group is what you make of it.

3 people listening to someone talking at a CJOC meetup.

Canadian Journalists of Colour is a rapidly growing support and resource-sharing network for BIPOC journalists across the country. Co-founded in October 2018 by Anita Li and Sadiya Ansari, CJOC has attracted more than 1,000 members, and organizes ongoing meet-ups, events and workshops for our membership.

3 people smiling, at a CJOC meetup

Canadian Journalists of Colour currently has chapters in Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg, as well as at post-secondary schools across the country. Contact our executive team if you want to start a chapter in your town.